It NEVER fails....

Today I am going to struggle. The prompt is to pick up an item and write so descriptively about said item that the reader can draw what I describe.

Yesterday my Facebook was full of poignant remembrances of my 7th grade art teacher. She passed away and a friend posted about her passing and the floodgates opened with stories of her influence etc. on the lives of my Facebook community and the extended FB connections to my community.

This morning I saw how much the feed meant to a person who knew and loved her.

I am not artistic. I may have been able to be halfway ok if I had not been so harshly criticized by so many as I was growing up and honing my un-talent. I have openly envied friends with artistic talent. I gave off a scent of fear whenever "art" was a required part of any project. My 7th grade art teacher smelled my fear and in her own special way she tried to "perfume" me up. It backfired horribly and I was a nervous wreck in her class. I hid my work behind cabinets and was asked to come in after school to work on my hapless projects. Unfortunately this "punishment" was not a solitary tutoring session. My school was full of "art nuts" that went into her class after school for FUN!!!!! Oh yes, so I was not traumatized enough in class now I am in class after school with a bunch of uber artistic kids. It was a nightmare. As a 7th grader, I may have blamed the teacher. Enough said.

I am not going to be able to describe anything well enough so that you can draw it from my description. Won't happen. I don't write like that.

So today, I blog. I blogged about what I can't do and about my perspective and then my misperception about 7th grade art class. I may not have fulfilled the prompt but this is about writing daily and the death of my 7th grade art teacher fit into the prompt in a way that my description of my Jeopardy calendar, or the 5 pair of reading glasses, or the broken orange highlighter, that all sit on my desk, do not.

RIP Mrs. Geyh. I hope you didn't think I was a total stinker in 7th was just my artwork that smelled...mostly.

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