Is It Okay To Cheat If No One Finds Out?

Scanning the room, my periphery vision spots something that draws my attention.   Breathing deeply, I dare to look again, hoping to catch an eyeball of delicious. Oh. Wow.  I feel my hypothalamus kick into overdrive.  My heart quickens.  I want to tear my eyes away but I keep staring unabashedly.  I know it's wrong - but sometimes temptation overrides the senses. 

Just once.  To feel that rush again.  To have that euphoric high that nothing else matters at this moment but you and me.  That adreneline kicking in, heart pounding, delirium that comes along with it.  I am committed but one time can't hurt, right?  No one will know. 

I glance around guiltily - can I actually do this?  Oh, God.  People will be able to tell.  It will be written all over my face.  What will I tell my husband if he found out?  Deny it?  Admit my wrongdoing?   Pretend like nothing happened? 

My brain is churning.  My stomach is in knots but my heart keeps waging that internal battle. What if?  Is it worth it?  My brain finally talks some sense into my heart. I can't do it.  It takes an unprecidented amount of self control to walk away.  I gather up my will power and turn around without a single glance back. 

Damn you chocolate covered cruller.

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