Is it over yet?

As the hubby looked over yesterday's post, his comment to me was "You are soooo running out of ideas, aren't you!!!". To which my instinct was to reply with a GROWWWLLLL!

But I laughed instead. Mainly because it's true [and because he added a "but, nice pictures" after his comment]. I am sooooo running out of ideas. But it's ok, because today is the last day for NaBloPoMo.

And here's where I go into the obligatory "Woohoo. I made it. The full 30 days. Yay!" kind of post.

Last year I completed the challenge and felt a great sense of accomplishment. I was also pumped and motivated to continue writing every day [and that slowly faded away].

This year, all I feel is tired. I'm still glad I did it, but what was I thinking? With working full time at my day job, teaching part-time at the University, volunteering, and the 2 kids at home... really, what was I thinking? I did most of my blogging late at night... very late at night. Still, it was a fun experience and I'll likely do it again next year [because I'm a glutton for punishment].

On the upside, it's the last day for Movember and here's the final Mo picture I took of the hubby this morning. Everyone has made fun of him, but I think his Mo has grown in nicely since my last update 2.5 weeks ago. 

The hubby said next year he's going to start in Moctober instead. Regardless, I'm focusing on the positive which is that now, he can shave the Mo... Yippee! I mean... ahem... oh, I am so going to miss the Mo [NOT!].

2 challenges, 1 month. Both accomplished. Both left us winded [metaphorically speaking]. Melissa Ford over at BlogHer wrote a great post today titled "Lessons from Nablopomo". My gut reaction was just to say I'm TIRED, and that's all I've learned. But in reality, I learned that I may be expecting too much of myself [duh!] and that I have to let go of the things that don't fuel or energize me. I am ending this challenge ready to focus on what motivates me instead of what drains me...

Ok, off to breathe  a little... see you in a bit ;)

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