Is It Possible to Be Healed By Gems?

If you have never heard of it before, here’s a new bit of information for you. Gemstones, as in emeralds, citrine, garnet, etc. have been said to be able to relieve you of certain ailments.


I have had a huge interest in this for a while now. I love the metaphysical world- psychics, gems, chakras, reiki, etc! It’s all so fascinating.

However, a good portion of my brain is second-guessing it all. It’s hard to believe that a gemstone can cure you of depression, insomnia, high cholesterol, any millions of other diseases/disorders.

The process of healing through gems is simple. You can wear them as jewelry, hold them in your palm, or just have them around you.

But my instant assumption is that it is all mental. If you want to be rid of depression, you can do it. I am living proof of that. I’m not saying that I am cured from it and that I will never experience it again. However, I have learned how to cope and prevent it from happening or getting as severe as it has in the past.

I have done this from one simple process: meditation.

And what is meditation?

It’s a mental practice of thinking about nothing. Listen to some soft, buddhist-like music to relax yourself and let your mind go blank. It works. I’m not going to testify that it will work for everyone but it worked for me. I really believed that it could help me though.

Like meditation, I think that gem therapy will only help if the person really wants it to. You have to believe in it or it’s not going to work. I really think it is mind over matter.

I am only skeptical that gem therapy can help cure physical ailments, that are said to only be treated with traditional medication or diet changes. But, energy is said to come from these stones so who am I to say?

So, I have done a little research. I have hypothyroidism, meaning my thyroid isn’t producing enough thyroid hormone. I am treated by my doctor with Synthroid for this problem. As mentioned in a previous post, I am still tired a lot. Fatigue is a common symptom of the disease and its often under treated, in fear of throwing the person into hyperthyroidism, a more serious condition.


My research has lead me to believe that the gem, Chrysocolla, can help make my thyroid normal. Chrysocolla is said to work well for the throat chakra. I have purchased this gem and am going to give it a shot. I’m not going to change my eating or sleeping habits. I will give it a couple weeks and report back as to if I am still as sleepy, which will indicate if it is treating my thyroid or not.


I love experiments!

Namaste, y’all! ;-)

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