Is it possible to eat soup and lose weight?

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I love soup, especially in the winter. So, if there is a way I can eat soup and lose a couple of pounds too...Count me in.

With the cold weather upon us, having a bowl of soup can be a real treat. But could it also help you lose weight? Apparently it can.

Health experts have discovered that adding low-calorie vegetable broth to the start of a meal can actually help to lose weight.
Because you tend to feel full sooner, you eat less of your main course.

The soup regime was tested by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, led by Dr Barbara Rolls.

They found that when participants in the study ate a first course of soup before lunch they reduced their total calorie intake by 20 per cent, compared with those who did not begin the meal with soup.
I recommend you experiment with some of the new "healthier" soups. Compare labels and look for soups with lower sodium, lower fat, and fewer calories.

If you have some extra time, you might want to consider making your own healthy soup. Here is some information about healthy soup recipes...

Soup, properly made, is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable styles of cooking. While most canned soups are way too high in fats and salt, when you make it yourself, you can get the nutrition without much of the bad stuff. You can create hundreds of tasty and healthy meals using this outline of the basic steps for making healthy soups. Learn the basics and enjoy the rewards for life.

Do you have a favorite healthy soup recipe or brand? Have you tried eating soup as a way to lose weight? Let me know in comments.

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