Is it Possible to Live GMO Free?

By Melinda


A few recent articles are saying GMO foods have been shown to cause cancer in rats.  If this is true, how do we plan to escape those foods and keep them away from our families? And more importantly, is there a way to boycott GMO completely?  GMO foods are mass produced these days and the biggest offenders are corn, soy, and sugar.  They are very common foods found in everything.  Right now, the USDA does not allow organic food to contain GMO, but who knows when that will be dismantled?


We could try to eat 100% organic, but that is really hard to do if you like to eat out every once in a while.  I suppose if we wanted to boycott those products, it would be difficult unless you lived off the grid and made all your own products from scratch and lived off the land. 


Conventional soy and corn products and derivatives are found in so many other products these days like cleaners, detergents, body care products and even corn plastic.  Even if you try to buy green cleaners, you will find corn and soy based products listed in the ingredients. You will also find many corn based plastics made from GMO corn.  I notice that several brands of compostable diapers are made from corn starch.  Nothing on the ingredient list indicates the corn is organic or Non-GMO, so I am afraid those compostable diaper companies are supporting GMO corn.  I appreciate the new technology of corn plastic and corn starches, but too bad they are not all supporting organic corn...


How do we get away from it?  OR can we only get away from it partially? What are your thoughts?

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