Is it REALLY cheating?

Don’t shoot the messenger…I’m simply asking a question. A blog about cheating…

Okay, so lately we’ve been hearing a lot about cheating male celebrities and the horrific outcomes. Mark Sanford faced impeachment. Tiger Woods is losing endorsements. John Edwards and David Letterman faced horrible embarrassment. And Steve McNair paid the ultimate price.

And let me be clear: I’m SURE there are plenty of women that have cheated or are cheating as well, but for some reason, the men are making the headlines for it.

So here’s the question of the day: What constitutes cheating?

Is it a kiss with another person? Holding hands? How about lunches or dinners with a co-worker?

What if there is no physical contact? Only text messages or chats?

And what’s more dangerous: a physical affair or an emotional one?

Your thoughts, please…


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