It’s Baaaaack! Mercury Goes Retrograde on 6/26/13

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Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, manual dexterity, stops motion and begins its travel backward in the sky (“goes retrograde”) beginning Wednesday June 26, 2013. This time, the retrograde motion happens in the nurturing, sensitive, water sign of Cancer; however, regardless of the sun sign, my cautions are always the same. With the sluggishness of retrograde, energy may be blunted and snafus can occur. Project initiation/creation would be best delayed if possible –- if not, be meticulous; be careful. (Jump all over the details.)

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Image: Dmitry Boyarin via Flickr

Emotional, moody Cancer is concerned with family and friends and enjoys taking care. Be careful about what is said at the annual picnic or gathering to avoid hurt feelings or misunderstood intentions.

As always, use this time to review, rethink, rework, revise, revisit, so that when Mercury stops and reverses to direct on July 20, 2013, you can take advantage of its forward motion, and relaunch projects that appeared to be stalled with the benefit of any retooling that you've done in the meantime.

Mercury is retrograde starting 9:08AM EDT / 6:08 AM PDT, 6/26/13.


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