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It’s Christmas in February, and it’s certainly cold enough to be when you’re in NYC!  I was just in the city the beginning of December (check out my Nothing Beats a Jersey girl) and when I’m home, I come alive to the sounds of the hustle and bustle, taxi cabs, chatter of strangers, and the beautiful melody of New York!  I visit every year to awaken my senses and come back to life (it’s sort of like a blood transfusion for me).

As I write this article, my heart is skipping a beat just knowing that it’s Fashion WeekMy brain can’t keep up with the thoughts of the most amazing designers corralled into a square block, planning their shows and the hordes of people dying to get close to “beauty.”  As I sit on my bed 3,000 miles away, I whimper knowing I’m here and the beauty is “there!”  On my bucket list: Michael Kors fashion show.  I just love MK and I pray one day I’ll be sitting (any row will do) watching his creations walk down the runway.  If I can’t wait till one day, maybe I’ll pull a New York moment and James Bond it into the show!  Michael, if you can hear me….help out a fellow New Yorker!

Okay, enough with my whining – let’s talk fashion!  I have my moments when it comes to fashion.  There are styles that I refuse to revisit (peplum, paisley, floral, and LEG WARMERS, just to name a few), and styles I would sleep in.  It basically comes down to my mood and comfort level (a martini can always help me find my comfort zone).  I’m a tomboy who can walk out of the house looking like a princess or leather it up till the sun comes up!  There are two things I keep in mind when I’m getting dressed:

1. Put the light on.

2. Remember my age.

I remember my first introduction to the world of fashion.  I was a sophomore at Mahwah High School and my college (yes, college) boyfriend’s mother worked for Shiseido at Bloomingdales at Riverside Square Mall.  We met in October and two months later I walked downstairs into their family room and under the Christmas tree were (no kidding) so many presents, it was criminal!  I remember standing there trembling on the inside, ready to scream with joy, and thinking oh, Carmin must be pissed!  They were the loveliest people I have ever met and I was treated like the daughter they never had (I think of them often and pray the best for them).  I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to start (the beginning I thought, but where was that)?  An hour later, I was surrounded by a Gucci purse, cashmere sweaters, jackets, boots, jewelry, makeup, opium perfume, and jordache jeans (loved those jeans)!  She introduced me to the world of fashion and beauty and taught me how to dress and wear makeup.  I learned a lot from Carmin’s mother and his grandmother (Mom-Mom).  These women were glamorous and exuded grace and charm with Jersey laughter to fill in the gaps!  That was my first taste of beauty and I was never going to go a day without indulging in it!

As time went on, I became more infatuated with fashion.  I would spend my money on Vogue, Elle, Glamour, any fashion magazine in the “eye” candy isle.  I would rather eat fashion than food (no, not what you’re thinking-girls…eat your dinner)!  The models are gorgeous and the clothing that fit their body was as if Picasso painted it on them.  The models are beautiful in their own way, but when the designs were placed on them, they came alive like a moving art show.  The poses, looks in their eyes, and the role they played brought the clothing to life.

My favorite moments thus far from fashion week:

Kenneth Cole

I believe designers dare to color outside of the lines, dare to be different, and dare to dream.

All the things we were told in kindergarten, and regardless of your age, I dare you…

xo, jo

Jo in Dolce&Gabbana


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