It Seems Complaining Articles Get The Most Attention on BlogHer

A quick peruse of the top articles here are "I'm tired of Being a Mom," "I Get Tired of Playing with my Kids," and "I just want to be left alone - confessions of an introverted mom."

I think it's time for me to leave BlogHer and start hanging out with people who have a positive outlook on parenting.

I am a working mom who spends every evening doing something fun with my kids. We do fun, creative, energetic things. I am exhausted most of the time, but find a way to be full of joy. I get up at 4:15 to have time for myself to write and read. I am quitting my job at the end of the month to spend more time here at home with my kids and with our farm and with our Tree Service.

When I try to read more blogs so I can comment and share the blogosphere, and develop a readership, I find sad articles, or ones about how awful mothering is. I don't understand.

Where are all the beautiful articles about all the joy and wonder at our kids?

I seriously think it's time to find a new home on the internet. BlogHer seems really unhappy. 


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