Finding My Village

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I realized something this week that has taken me by surprise: I am part of a village and I wasn't even trying to be. It happened slowly, almost without effort. It started with a small conversation during drop off, a quick chat about school policies (I am somehow an expert after six years at the school), and the occasional commiseration over the "joys" of parenthood. These parents that I met at school have become more than just the parents of my son's classmates -- they have become my friends. They are there for me when I need them, like when I forgot to pick my kids up from school (it happened only once), or when they knew I was going to be stuck in meetings all afternoon so they invited my son over after school. These women are my village, and I am thankful each day that they are in my life.

My advice for my daughter is to know that if she ever feels isolated or alone -- whether it be in high school, college, or as an adult -- she should always know that there are people around her that she can lean on, even if she hasn't met them yet. She just needs to put herself out there -- maybe strike up a conversation -- for there is no reason to go through life alone.


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