Is it Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

The past few years during the holidays I have been working, usually to pay for the holidays. This year I am at home watching my infant niece while my sister is off at work. This allows me to be at home to take care of my family and cater to my kids and husband. I have been getting back to basics, since September I have pulled out all of my old recipes, menus, budgeting tools, you name it, to ease the financial strain of reducing our income to one pay check. I love keeping house, I love cooking and baking from scratch and I love, love, love the art of nesting. The years that I had to work through the holidays there was just not enough time to keep the house tidy and laundry done let alone decorate for the holidays in the fashion I had been accustomed to. Last year in fact, I was working at Costco, during the holidays I was called to work in the bakery. Around the clock pumpkin pies are being produced the week before both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thousands of crusts being pressed, fillings poured, pies baked and then packaged. Pure madness I tell ya, it really takes the enjoyment out of the season that I live to bake for! With those days a faint memory, I am giddy with pure joy. Simplicity how I have missed you. We will be entertaining family and friends for Thanksgiving and my mom and dad will return home for most of the month of December. I am itching to put up my Christmas decorations! Maybe not a real tree but definitely my artificIal ones ( I put fake ones up in the kitchen, dining and living rooms, the real one goes in the family room). Stores have their decor up in full affect. My thought was, "wouldn't it make Thanksgiving even that much more cozier?" I feel like it would make the Holidays last a little bit longer, something that has been lost in my house the past few years. So, my question to you, is it too early to decorate for Christmas? Is there an unspoken rule that Christmas cannot go up until the day after Thanksgiving (which I would rather spend in Downtown Seattle)?



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