It was a good idea...... but then I got lazy.

I'm baaaaccckkkkk.... not that anyone noticed that I was gone. I made one Blog, whippeee!! So I had a good idea, I thought about it for days.... then I got lazy. 

Did I say lazy? I meant I was so busy being super mom that I didn't have time to worry about a silly blog.....=P (I got lazy)

It’s been well over a year since I even thought about doing anything with this thing, and to be honest, any email I got from here went straight to my spam folder... whoopsie. But I'm back and in full force. I promise, pinky swear that I will be a better blogger, that I will succeed this time and I will become the best damn blogger know to man. Go me!

So let’s go through a super quick re-cap of what has happened in the last year and a half…. Ready set go! Went back to work full time, went back to school one night a week, got pregnant (Due in August with our second daughter) then diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum took a leave from work, took a leave from school, going back to work part time and going back to school once a week again.

 I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but there are a lot of boring things in there too, a remodel a new car (Which just got in an accident a month ago) a new dog (which we don’t have any more) Blah blah… normal all American family kind of stuff.

So where do I start to go into depth, maybe to stem off the last ancient blog I wrote about how pregnancy was made by the devil just so he can watch us suffer. I thought the last pregnancy was bad?!?!?!?! I was just a whiney baby. Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is something I would not even cruse my worst enemy with. Go ahead Google it… I’ll wait; I won’t bore you with going over the details…. To me it is just a fancy word for spewing your insides out every 12 seconds, hearing your doctor tell you there is really nothing that they can do for you and having to take 100 different medicines and being stuck with a needle at least once a week for IV fluids, Gross I know.

But Leanna, why are you back you ask? Well reader that’s a very good question!!! If I just wanted to bitch about everything why not just do it on Facebook? Food dear Watson… food. I know it’s weird to hear that after I just made you Google why I puke every time I eat, but I have this new fond love for food. No not take out like last pregnancy I’m talking real food, stuff I make in my very own kitchen. Yes you read it right I’ve been cooking in my kitchen edible wonderful food. And other people have been eating it, and loving it!

I’ll let you re read that so it sinks in.

I’ve been cooking in my kitchen edible wonderful food. And other people have been eating it, and loving it!

What I love to do the most is bake, who doesn’t love a dessert? Sure the meal could be great but the dessert, that’s what you remember. So what made me remember that I’ve always wanted to blog and share my wisdom with others… Pie pops. 


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