Saying Goodbye to a Principal Taught Me a Bunch of Important Education Lessons

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[Editor's Note: The school year is now in full swing. How's that workin' out for ya? If you're going through some tough stuff -- with your child, with a teacher, with the administration, with anything -- I strongly suggest that you read this post by Heather at Red Writing Hood. She talks about past struggles, about losing a Principal, and about not taking your child's difficulties in school personally. It's an important post all around with many important lessons about our kids' educations. -Jenna]

It Will All Work Out:

Principal's OfficeWhen notice went out yesterday that the principal was leaving, I had so many mixed emotions. Overwhelmingly, though, I was sad. I had been looking forward to a calm year at school now that my daughter has started classes.

But as I spoke to other parents I heard “good”, “too bad”, “so sad”, “good riddance”, “devastating”… and I realized that there is not a single child or family in that school that will have the same experience as another. If one family has had a great experience and their child has loved school, you’ll find another that has struggled and cried. If one child has floundered and found his feet, you’ll find another that struggles daily.

I’m sure that if I tried, I could even find a parent that thinks my favourite teacher there is useless.

Everyone has a criticism. Everyone has an opinion. How can 20+ kids be in the same classroom day in and day out and have such different experiences.

Why… it’s almost like they are totally different human beings! (/sarcasm)

In the same way I believe no kid is “good” or “bad” … I cannot believe there is a “good” or “bad” teacher. A “good” or “bad” principal.

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