It Will Never End,Never!

Siblings 010

I am in the process of scanning all my photos into computer files.  Years upon years upon years!! You don’t realize what you take photos of until you yank out your photo albums. All.At. Once!

Siblings 011

I have  photos of events. You know Birthday parties. Wedding showers.  Heck my own wedding (other than the professional ones).  Of course vacations and outings, for example we went to the Ohio State Fair every year, and yep,photos of all those outings BUT look! Look at all the other unlabeled ones!

Siblings 015

These are just the random photos of siblings together!! Imagine of ones I snapped of single shots of them?


Siblings 013

Oh, and you see those two little urchins? Well, the little boy is now 24 and little girl is now 21!! Holy Moly this is gonna take me FOREVER!! I will just call this the never ending project. And, talk about making me feel old,and going down memory lane.

Siblings 012

Of course, part of me is enjoying it :)  Remembering how sweet they were and blocking out those demon moments LOL

So, are all your photos in computer files? Do you scrapbook?  How do your organize your photo memories?  Do you snap little moments? Or just the big events?


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