It is Your Choice...

A few months ago the kids and I were at a local park. I was sitting on a bench reading while the kids were running around, switching between playing on the playground and tag. Some time had gone by when a woman approached me. She had a scowl on her face and looked like she was prepared to rip me a new one.




“Excuse me! Do you realize that while you have been sitting on this bench, not paying attention to your children, they have begun running around playing cowboys and indians?”



“Excuse me! First off, I have been paying attention to everything going on at this park, including the fact that while you were on your cell phone, your son licked the slide and put mulch in his mouth. Second, what the hell is wrong with my kids playing cowboys and indians? Third, why is anything my kids are doing any of your damn business?



“This is what is wrong with the world. It is people like you who cannot teach their children what is racist and politically incorrect. You should be ashamed of yourself for letting your kids run around speaking like they are, especially at a public park.”



“Before you go any further, let me tell you something. Do not accuse me or my children of being racist, especially since that is far from the truth. There is nothing wrong with my kids playing cowboys and indians. In no way are they being racist or politically incorrect. The problem with our society is that people like YOU find any and everything politically incorrect. You can now walk away, worry about your own child and let my kids be kids. If you have a problem with them running around playing cowboys and indians you can choose to ignore them or leave.”


She left. And I was pissed. It took me a few hours to get over the ignited anger that was growing inside me. How dare anyone accuse me or my family of being racist? I have made damn sure that my kids grow up to not care whether a person is white, black, purple or pink. I have made damn sure that my kids could care less that the couple down the street or at Disney or wherever are the same sex. I have made damn sure AND have done a damn good job at raising my kids to see a person as a person, instead of by the color of their skin, their ethnicity or sexual preference.


Lately, that smoldering fire from months ago has once again begun to burn. People are always amazing me and I do not mean that in a good way.


Yesterday I needed to buy an international stamp. I dread going to the post office so I logged onto the USPS website to make sure I could buy an international stamp in the self service kiosk machine. I could. Thank god. Now, my post office is not super busy and the line is usually only a few people deep. But no matter how many people, I knew I would be in that line forever. Why? Because people amaze me and will get to the counter and have nothing prepared and ready to go. I cannot imagine living that way. They don’t care that they are holding up an entire line of people. They don’t care that the sign specifically states have your packages labeled and ready. And they don’t care because they raise their voice and make a scene and magically society (or in this case the USPS worker) gives into them and lets them stand there for fifteen minutes filling everything out.


I am so sick and tired of this new found belief within our society that me, me, me is all that matters and if me doesn’t get their own way, throwing a temper tantrum will. I am sickened that we as a society have become so lazy and arrogant that the politeness that used to reign supreme has been lost to our own egos and sense of entitlement.


I am so sick and tired of the political correctness that now reigns over our society making it virtually impossible to speak about ANYTHING without offending someone. I understand that there are major issues that require everyone to be politically correct. However, when I am in mid conversation, talking about some random topic, I do not want to be interrupted and told that a word I just used is not PC, nor do I want to be told that my then 8 year old sons were being racist by playing an innocent game of cowboys and indians. We have all played cowboys and indians when we were kids. I can personally say that not once did I think hey lets play cowboys and indians so we can piss off the entire Native American population and be accused of racism. Instead, I played cowboys and indians with the neighborhood boys because I thought one of them was cute and I had a major crush on him. Silly me…


A lot of things are wrong with our society today. The fact that someone could spill hot coffee on ones self and become a millionaire (thanks to McDonalds) is mind boggling. Suing Nutella because one mistakenly believed it was a health food is ridiculous. People winning large settlements from tobacco companies because their cigarettes caused lung cancer makes my blood boil. When the fuck did society become so lazy that individuals can no longer wait a second before drinking their hot coffee, read the label on the jar of Nutella and see that it is not good for you or stop fucking smoking since they already know it will kill you.


I just don’t get it. I really don’t.


This morning, I hit my limit of how much tolerance I have toward our society.


This morning on Morning Joe, which is one of the best political shows on television, the topic of obesity was brought up. I am one of Morning Joe’s biggest fans. I have watched it from the beginning. I love the shows ability to have well thought out discussions with those from differing political parties and causes. I love that the show is willing to ask tough questions and say things that other media outlets censor. Today, Morning Joe pissed me off to the point that I turned the television off.


I realize and fully understand the magnitude that the obesity epidemic in our society has become. It is a major problem not only from a health standpoint but from a financial one as well. The obesity epidemic has become a symptom of so many medical issues and I fully agree something has to be done to stop it. Life expectancy has begun to drop and the cost to treat the diseases brought on by being obese is a huge financial burden on the government and those of us who pay for health care.


Understanding that obesity is an issue, I was happy that Morning Joe was discussing the topic. I became angry at the show after realizing that some people on the panel have fallen into the societal peer pressure and want to blame every soda manufacturer, every snack food company and every other food involved entity for causing the obesity crisis. What happened to blaming the person who is knowingly/willingly buying the sodas and the snacks and bringing it into their homes for their families to eat? What happened to personal accountability for ones actions?


I know the inevitable will eventually occur, that these companies will be sued and millions of dollars will be paid out to those individuals who choose to lay blame on others for their wrong. It disgusts me. It disgusts me to know that once again, the me, me, me attitude of our society will win out over common sense. It is common sense that gulping down soda and eating junk food is not good for you. My five year old can tell you that. It is common sense that once in awhile a donut is okay and an ice cold Coke can be drank. It is common sense that should be telling us that the obesity epidemic, along with most other societal issues can easily be resolved when we stop giving into the temper tantrums being thrown by those who ignore the common sense WE ALL HAVE.


You cannot tell me that someone does not know that drinking a twelve pack of soda a day is bad for you. You cannot tell me that someone does not realize eating a dozen donuts throughout the day will add some extra junk in their trunk. You cannot tell me that someone who listens to their common sense is okay with the fact that those who CHOOSE to do wrong are being rewarded with large sums of money.


Personally, I am not okay with this.


I am not okay with the fact that John Doe, who smoked a pack a day, who drove thru the fast food line every day, who drank Coke like it was water is getting rewarded, while I sit here twiddling my thumbs, hoping I dream of the winning lottery numbers so I can become part of the millionaires club. It just isn’t right and I am so over it.


I am over the fact that political correctness has nullified the first amendment right of free speech. I am over the fact that political correctness has turned our society into eggshells and you better watch where you step or it becomes you against the masses. I am over the fact that egotistical beliefs and a sense of entitlement has led our society down the path of the have’s and the have not’s. I am over the fact that my kids get made fun of because we don’t allow them to have a facebook account or see the need for them to have an iphone. I am over the fact that the kids now play dodgeball at school with foam balls because there was an incident and the school had to quiet a family suing the district because their child got hit in the face, with money.


Society needs to once again remember the words responsibly and accountability. Society needs to stop giving into the tantrums when they become too loud. Society needs to stop and look at itself and see that the me, me, me attitude has gotten all of us nowhere. Me, me, me doesn’t work when me, me, me becomes millions of irresponsible, unaccountable people, trying to take the easy road. Why should I, someone who pays her bills, who pays her taxes, who takes responsibility for the choices she makes be punished while the rest get rewarded?


The answer is simple. I and everyone else like me, who do the right thing, have become the glue that is barely holding this society together. If we want a real change to happen it needs to begin with taking personal accountability, with the letting go of the political correctness for every fucking thing, and dropping the egotistical entitlement.


Society as a whole owes nothing to any of us. We, as individuals, owe ourselves everything.


Without a conscious, personal decision to embrace the idea of the American society, one where each persons voice can be heard, where each individual takes pride in the fact that they are an American, one where choices and decisions can still be made by each individual, our country will slide further into a divided culture of me, me, me and damned to the rest.


It is your decision as to which way our society goes. It is your choice to say fuck you to the overzealous ‘politically correct’ ways and it is your choice to stand up and demand that each and every individual, who makes up our society, be held accountable for the choices they themselves made. It is also your choice to sit back and ignore (or join in on) the tantrums, the personal unaccountability and/or continue to let those who chose to ignore their common sense be the voice that leadsAmericaand her society into the future.


It is your choice…  









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