The Italian Is Getting Married, And I Am Still Single

That's Amore

Pippo is getting married.  I feel like my chest is concave and my heart is sinking.

Twelve years ago, I met a handsome Italian at a bar in New York. The night we met, we talked. We got pizza. We kissed.  It started out as a fun fling with a foreigner, but then it developed into a long distance relationship. I went to Italy. He came to New York. Our relationship has coincided with technology benchmarks. The first SMS message I got on my old flip phone was from him.  We Skyped. We Gchatted. He followed my blog.

A few days ago, he sent me a Facebook message letting me know that he is getting married next month.

We haven't seen each other in seven years, and we have both moved on. Why do I have the heavy feeling in my heart? I have been in other relationships, but I still thought of him as "the one that got away".  In the back of my mind, I always thought we would get together eventually. I even considered moving to Italy. I had no plan other than to get a tourist VISA, and I didn't even do that. Anyway, we never had the chance to be together for more two weeks at a time. Our relationship was like a romantic comedy. There was language barriers and silly misunderstandings, but it was fun and passionate. He believed in me. He was a cheerleader for all my work. He said I was going to be famous. [I would preferred to be rich, but that's another story.]

I don't know if it would worked out between us.  I just wanted a chance. I wanted to be everything he thought I could be. With him I felt safe enough to be daring. He was patient when I wanted everything right away.  Although we many never see each other again, I am appreciative of all that he gave of himself.   He came into my life for a reason, and what I learned from that relationship will last a lifetime.


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