When One Parent Travels, You "Just Do It"

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[Editor's Note: Bad things (injuries, something breaking in the house, extremely grumpy kids) always seem to happen when my husband is working or away. I thought it was just me. Turns out it's not! Julie at From Inmates to Playdates recently wrote about her husband, who travels for work, and how they make it work in their family. I think we can all agree with her "we just do it" line of thinking. -Jenna]

What We Do:

Julie & McDaddyIn fact, there are some months, he is gone more than he is home. I’ve nursed a kid many-a-night while flying solo, and I’ve watched my share of special events as a single parent. People constantly remark they don’t know how we do it, and many ask how I do it. It is just something that we do. The fact is, there are days when I don’t do it very well at all. I am not proud. But I’m being honest.

And let me just say up front, my dad lives about twelve minutes away and shows up here at the first sign of trouble. With that being said, obviously, I am blessed by that. In fact, he took care of an air condition problem one day last week while McDaddy was serving the country on an island off the coast of California.

When I am posed the question, I respond with ”I simply do it.”

It’s a little easier now that the boys are out of diapers and rarely ever puke anymore, but no matter how old they are, it’s never easy.

Read the rest of her post for some things that have gone wrong and some tips for other parents with a traveling spouse.

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