It's like AA for friendships



 Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Mel. See, Mel is a friend I made in college. But I haven't really kept in touch with her. Not because of her, but because for me. She is totally best friend material. She's awesome, and we have tons in common. But for the longest time I kept myself at arms distance because everyone I made friends with in College, left. They scattered across the globe and she was actually planning to do this too. I guess I just got bummed because I know, that I have at least one more year here. (that's when the hubs graduates).

In my head, I was like "why get attached?".

I will admit it. I've been being a bit antisocial, even with my old friends. See my old friends, I've had my whole life it seems. My two best friends are more like siblings to me. We've all known each other since we were 4 or 5 years old. But I know that I will probably move away for a few years, and they give me hell for wanting to do just that. Most of my friends were born here and will die here. That's great, if that's what they want to do. But not me, so I pushed them away too and I've resisted making new friends.

Honestly, that is not a good way to live. I am super social person and I can tell I'm worse off because of this exercise in no-friendship futility.

So i'm done with it. Starting Yesterday when I went out with Mel and we ate Mexican food and we talked for two hours. We also made plans to hang out again soon.

Funny thing, found out Mel has basically doing the same thing. Pushing others away because everyone is moving off.

We made a plan to quit being antisocial.

It's like AA for friendship. It's AntiSocials Anonymous, We'll be each other's sponsors, no more antisocialness, and we won't let each other cancel plans.


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