It's All About the Appearance

We all want to live a wonderful life. We want the right career, a great income, the right life partner, a nice car, and a nice home. We all want the best for our lives. But plenty of us make one crucial mistake, we compare our lives to other people’s lives and some of us start to feel bad about what we don’t have or what isn’t happening in our lives.

Most of us understand the foolishness that comes along with comparing our lives to others, yet many of us still do so subconsciously and even on a daily basis.  Comparing your life to others is always a losing proposition because someone else’s life might appear to be better than yours, when in fact they might have some problems you would never ever want to deal with.

Social Media (especially Instagram) has opened the window even wider to comparison. Social media has made us prone to comparing because we have constant access to other people’s lives (per their posts), but we fail to realize some posts are carefully curated to give off the illusion of an oh so wonderful life. People show you what they want you to see. Nothing more, nothing less. Social Media is all about appearances.  For example, there was a post on Instagram floating around of a pair of Red Bottoms sitting on a bed next to a sleeping woman. The caption read something like “for her when she wakes up.” Now while waking up to a nice pair of heels would be great, his followers will never know the reason behind the picture. Who knows why he purchased them. Sure he could be a loving man who loves to spoil his lady, which will make other women compare his action to their own man. “Well my man never buys me sh!t” “He never buys me shoes.” “I am never surprised.” “She’s lucky, I wish I was her.”  But on the other end of the spectrum what if something happened? What if he cheated? What if she caught him? Are the over-priced heels his way of making it up to her? It’s all about appearances, which cause some people to compare their lives and their situations to another person.

On social media you see pictures of trips, hotel rooms, kissing pictures, pictures of a new home/condo/apartment, a new car. You see people announcing they are engaged; see pictures of those younger than you getting married. You see all of the wonderful things someone else has that you may be “lacking” and you make the mistake of comparing.

Comparing your life robs you of happiness and will have you disappointed with the wayyour life is and/or have you disappointed with the way your life isn’t going. Remember, no one is perfect and no ones life is perfect, anyone who claims otherwise is lying!

Although someone’s life might appear to be better than yours, that’s just it…it’s an illusion. You will never know what someone deals with behind the scenes of their so-called “better” life.

Your only competition is the person you see in the mirror. And the only person you need to compare yourself to is the person you were last year. Celebrate who you are and celebrate the life you have.

And keep in mind; life always looks better through an Instagram filter.


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