It's All About the Details: Built-ins

Custom built-ins can really make a space shine.  They can be a great architectural detail to a room, and the perfect solution for extra storage as well as displaying all those accessories.

We typically see bult-ins in family rooms or living room, but those aren't the only places you can have custom built-ins.  Today, we are adding them to dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc.


There are several ways built-ins can be designed, and below are some key elements to think about when designing your custom built-ins.

Full-height vs Short-height:



Design: Traditional, contemporary, etc.  The options are endless



Finish: Stain vs Paint


Storage: Open shelves vs Closed Doors or Both



Shelves: Glass vs Wood

Jane Page Design Group
Jane Page Design Group



Backs: There are so many options here, face with wallpaper, paint the back an accent color, face with paneling, etc



Door Design: To be faced with a mesh, unique wood panel design, or standard wood door



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