It's all fun and games, until....

“What are you doing?” My husband Marc asked me, as I sat on the den floor surrounded by paper towels and my trusty bottle of cleanser, two weeks after the hurricane.


“Cleaning the backgammon set,” I answered as I rolled my eyes, “what does it look like I am doing?”


“I guess my question is why?” he retorted.


“I don’t want to have to throw this out too.  Besides, this is a good set.  The pieces are wood.  Maybe if I clean it they won’t mold up,” I answered as I continued scrub.


“Yeah, it would be a shame to throw out more games,” Marc remarked.  “After all, we play them so often.”


“Well, maybe if I clean this real good you will play with me,” I said with a smile.


“I don’t think so…”


“Man, your brother really did a number on you when you were a kid.  Don’t worry, I am not like him. I don’t care about winning.  After all, games aren’t about winning or losing, it is about having fun.”


“There is nothing fun about them,” Marc remarked.


“I know! We can do what I used to do with my mom.  We’d play cards, gin, poker, even war and we would bet a dollar a game and when we were done playing we’d put the money in an envelope. We’d then use the money for something fun.  How about we try that?  Want to play?”

“Let me understand.  So you would play and put your own money in an envelope and use it for something fun?”




“So you used your own money?”




“And you put it in an envelope?”




“And it was your own money?”


“Yes, we already established that.”


“Just want to be clear, because I still don’t understand the point.”


“Because it is fun, and since the money goes in the envelope we both win.”


He then reached into his pocket and pulled out some cash and handed it to me.  “Put this in your envelope.  Game over.  I won!”



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