It's All Part of the Plan

God's been getting a lot of press lately. The Knicks' Jeremy Lin tributes God to his success, from a Higher Powered-inspired perseverance to his miraculous, clutch, game-winning 3 point shots. At Whitney Houston's funeral yesterday afternoon, a moving event held inside a Newark, NJ Baptist church, I thought God was going to somehow figure out a way to run a crawl or button on the screen's lower third thanking everybody for the continuous shout-outs. 

Not since I used to watch Joel Osteen's ministries on the television (doesn't everyJewish girl have a Joel Osteen phase?) have I heard so much about God's power and the merciful nature of the Heavenly Father. The depth of the devotion had me convinced this is to some extent born and only enhanced by life experience and learning.

Meanwhile, newly ordained Cardinal Tim Dolan was recently in Rome getting ordained (sorry, don't know how to put that otherwise) and gave in to temptation. Dolan's been working with NY doctor Howard Shapiro to lose weight and took a few carb inspired steps back while in Italy. If he asked God for any help, it looks like God did not provide. (NO judgments, Cardinal Dolan. Trust me, I get it!)

Maybe God was busy the last few days, his attention diverted. Jeremy Lin's 9 turnovers did not help the Knicks friday night in a loss against the Hornets that ended their 7 game winning streak (I still love you, JLin, unconditionally. Pls grant me an interview.). And, perhaps God did not come to the aid of Whitney Houston, who from the sounds of it was deeply devoted, spiritual, and willing to ask her maker for help with her addictions and troubles. 

The prevailing wisdom is it's by the grace of God that addicts recover. Grace.

Some would say that God wanted Whitney now. Perhaps God wanted Jeremy and the Knicks to lose Friday night and maybe, just maybe, God wanted Cardinal Dolan to eat pappardelle with cream sauce.

The next leap would be to trust that this is all part of God's plan. Trusting God is a big thing for the devoted, even when things don't resemble what you want them to resemble. It's all part of the plan. The plannnnnnn. Acceptance.

Personally, as I write this little blog on a gorgeous, sunny morning in NYC, feeling love and relieved of some stress I was asking Source energy (my preferred nomenclature for God) to lift, reflecting on Whitney, Jeremy and Timothy, 3 unique, powerful and exceptional creations, I get the sense that if there is a God, he gets out of the way during the lifespan of his creations. 

I think God does his work early on and then lets people be. Maybe God's watching us from a distance (ah, Bette) or maybe God's busy working on the next creation. Who knows......


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