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You have the power to direct your life. If you're stuck, this is what I will tell you, 100% of the time. If you want to grab coffee, we can chat further. It all boils down to what you believe.

I believe our purpose for existing is to life our lives chasing our dreams; to find what lights our fire and surround ourselves with people, places, and situations that fan those flames into a roaring bonfire.

I believe to those we call friends, our duty is to love, uplift, rescue, support, and protect them; to help them beat back the darkness, to light their fire, to be present.

I believe we owe it to ourselves to break rules and molds; to give uniquely and wholely of ourselves; to dance in rain and beauty and light. We must embrace what we have right now and use it as stepping stones to what we want. We need to look for the beauty in the ink of our pens, the dew on the leaf, and the dark behind the light.

It is imperative we find the strength to ask for help, love, encouragement and strength, because there is not one person on the face of the planet that can do this alone.

And nobody should have to.

I am sure we have to give to get, and we should all be the people we need in our lives, so no one misses out.

Love you guys! Thank you deeply and endlessly for reading what I write.


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