It's in Style and You Hate It (I'm Talking to You, Kitten Heels)

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If you're over 15 and have any interest at all in fashion, I've got some bad news: a style you hate is due to be revived. I know this because I've seen a lot of style revivals -- so many that I'm amazed that they can still take me by surprise. These days, the revival that's making me shudder is the Mad Men-inspired return of kitten heels. I hate them. I'm seeing a kitten-heeled future, and it fills me with a nameless dread. But I won't panic. Here's why:

If, like me, you hate kitten heels, remember this: their revival may be a flash in the pan. Fashionistas are, after all, prone to making pronouncements: Spring 2011 is all about lucite stripper heels! And then -- surprise -- it doesn't happen.

Also, radical style changes often take two or three years to gain traction. For example, the platform shoe. Now that everyone in the world is clomping around in Frankenshoes, it's can be difficult to remember who's responsible for the trend. But these Jeffrey Campbell leopard print platforms,

Jeffrey Campbell leopard platforms

and these Celine wedged clogs, from blackbird's blog say la vee,

wouldn't have been possible without Christian Louboutin. His hidden platforms, to be specific.

Louboutin hidden platform pumps courtesy of LPC from Privilege

Here, as depicted by LPC for -Privilege, you can just barely tell there's a platform in there. And they're lovely. But look at those platforms up there! Christian Louboutin has a lot to answer for.

At any rate, it's easy to see why, when so many shoes look like bondage fantasy material, the pendulum had to swing back to thin-soled, elegant shoes.

A model displays a creation by designer Giambattista Valli for his Fall-Winter 2010/2011 ready-to-wear collection show in Paris, France on March 8, 2010. Photo by Alain Gil-Gonzalez/ABACAPRESS.COM

But does it have to be kitten heels? Because I don't care how Audrey Hepburn they are, I can't stand them. They just don't work with my feet. I can't stand in them for more than five minutes. I can wear a 3-inch stiletto, but put a kitten heel on my and I wobble like a little girl playing dress-up. And those pointy toes -- ouch!

I'm riding this trend out ... and will probably be wearing a pair of ballet slippers, instead. Or maybe a pair of oxfords. Or motorcycle boots.

Are you yay or nay about kitten heels?

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