It's been a hard days night

My friend’s children came home from school and she told them that if they wanted a snack they needed to get one quickly as they soon had to leave for soccer practice.  Her son didn’t waste any time as he questioned if there was any chocolate milk left.  She told him that there was and he grabbed a glass and filled it to the rim.


Her older daughter announced, “Chocolate milk isn’t good for you.  It contains high fructose corn syrup.”


My friend agreed, but said, “True, but it is fine for a recovery drink after exercise, like Gatorade.”


Her son was paying no mind.  He was just enjoying his beverage.


“Then why are you drinking it now?” The girl questioned her brother.  “It is a recovery drink, and you didn’t play soccer yet.”

He took another gigantic swig of his drink, clearly relishing in the taste before answering.  “I am recovering.  I had a very rough day at school!”


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