It's A Blog Eat Blog World

It's a blog eat blog world out there.  Seriously, I wonder what I'm doing some days.  I began blogging over a year ago in support of my newly published book, a self help guide mainly for women going through divorce.  I was  enthusiastic about my blog and enjoyed the challenge and the interaction with my invisible readers.  Invisible being the key word here.  I told myself in time, readership would build (and it has), comments would increase (they haven't) and I would accomplish my heartfelt goal, to help women 'out there'. If my book sales increased due to the popularity of the blog even better!

The truth is, everyone has a blog and most of them are fantastic.  I enjoy sitting back on a Saturday and perusing my favorites; everything from design, fashion, humor to divorce support.  It's all out there and that's what makes the internet and social media so great, right?  Yes and no.  It's terrific to have this informaton at our fingertips.  The downfall is figuring out how to be heard in the sea of information.  How do I make a difference when I'm whispering? When I first joined twitter which I was told was a necessity to promote my blog and the book, I was followed immediately by spammers.  These women were linked to porn sites and they were like sharks.  They smell new blood and they come after you.  I had to ignore and block some of them even though it was tempting with only 10 followers, to maintain them just for the numbers.  I quickly realized though it wasn't worth it.  So that was my introduction to twitter.  But slowly I began to find like minded people to follow and they followed me back.  So I was off to a start at least.  But now 14 months later I feel oddly disconnected on twitter.  I feel that everyone is talking at once and no one is actually listening.  I feel that way here sometimes too, truth be told.  I feel like a little goldfish in a sea of sophisticated blogging Pirhanas.  Don't even get me started on Facebook fan pages.  Do you LIKE me?  Do you LIKE my post? I'm growing weary like a pimply faced adolescent.  In the end, is all of this going to sell my book?  Isn't that just another popularity contest as well?

Do I touch on a truth or do I just have an inferiority complex?  Although there is a place for this social media promotion, I think it's limiting.  To expect a direct correlation in number of sales may be setting myself up for disappointment.  Have you had success with sales from your web site?  What is your favorite or least favorite social media network?  How did you grow your blog readership?

I would love to hear from you. 


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