It's A Boy Mom Thing

I am thankful for the  inflatable jump entertainment center which has opened in my town. It has saved my couches from wear and tear (as well as my sanity) on cold or rainy days.

The inflatable Mickey Mouse head was the destination of choice during our recent visit. I staked my place in the crowd to check on my kids.

Three boys had crowded around Mickey, attempting to stand on his head and jump off. My son looked intrigued by this and waited for his turn to do the same. A mom of three boys shouted at the oldest one, "The sign says you can't do that. Now all the little ones are following you." She turned to me and said, "Sorry. My son started that." She did not have to explain even though it was kind of her to do so. "Don't worry," I replied. "I have a son and three nephews." "Oh, you know," she said with a smile.

For a moment, I thought of Rita, my favorite character from the movie Bridesmaids. Who could forget her tirades whenever she discussed her three boys. "I'm surrounded by savages," she exclaimed as she made her case to go to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party. 

There are unspoken nods and winks which come from moms of boys and words of reassurance: "don't worry, mine does that, too". Camaraderie is built among us from the first days our toddler boys are mobile and we are all wearing similar sensible shoes to chase after them.

Yes, there is always a suspicious mom of a young boy at the playground...peering out to the swing set  eager to shift the blame to other boys for her son's rowdiness. "Your boy was causing trouble on the slide," or "I saw your boy use a stick as a weapon," she might say. I am not bothered by this mom. Sooner or later she will be wandering over to the group of other boy moms, imaginary white flag of surrender in hand, as she witnesses her son trying to lead the other boys in throwing rocks into the air.

We are all in this boat together, sailing in a sea of gross-out jokes and smelly socks. As our boys enter school, we find ourselves lobbying for the same causes. Like when a teacher threatens to take away recess for the afternoon for running in the hallways. Good luck in having our boys sit still in class for the rest of the day if that is a consequence.

Like Rita, there are times I just long for a dose of estrogen friendly activity and conversation. The other day my daughter and I retreated to the play room as my son watched Sponge Bob Square Pants while tossing a mini-football. I put her on my lap and we thumbed through fashion magazines and American Girl catalogs. A feeling of relaxation washed over me as I began to give her a pedicure with purple glittery polish. When I was done, I let her paint my toes. The room was peaceful...almost a bit too quiet. Until I heard my boy yell, "Mom, come see what Mr. Krabs is doing!" Pants rolled up, toes barely dry, I ran into the family room for a good laugh. That is how it is with my boy. I will always be running and I wouldn't have it any other way.










Karen Y. Brown

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