It's a Brown World

"I wike bown." the little three year old girl said. She was circling her paintbrush loaded with brown paint around and around on her smooth paper.

"I like brown, too," I replied, a little surprised. Most preschool girls reach for the pink and purples paints. But this paint was a nice brown color, smooth and rich.

As I was taking a walk later that day, I noticed that we are in the season of brown. Winter has not brought us much snow this year. The naked trees reveal brown treasures: a papery wasp's nest hanging from a low branch and leafy round squirrels' nests up high in the tree tops. I dare say that if you ask people what their favorite color is, they won't say brown. Yet brown is all around us. Mix those wonderful primary colors together; yellow, blue and red, and what do you get? Brown.

Do we take brown for granted?  

Hydrangea in winter

If you were to ask me, I would not say brown is my favorite. I would say light green, perhaps, or a blue shade.

But that day, brown was my favorite color.

What is your favorite color?

Ginny Marie blogs at Lemon Drop Pie about becoming a mom after breast cancer.


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