It's Delurking Week!

That means time for all you readers to say "Hi!"

Although I've heard of this concept, I didn't know it was an actual 'event' in the blogosphere, until I read about it on Alphabet Salad, who apparently read about it on Stirrup Queens.

There's even a definition provided by techopedia:

Delurking is a type of social media behavior where a user breaks an "online silence" or habit of passive thread viewing to engage in a virtual conversation. The term implies that a user does not typically participate in social media or online social activities.

Nonetheless, all that's involved is leaving a comment on blogs that you read, whether you frequently comment or usually just read. You have until the 12th, that's Sunday. You can leave a comment after then, but what would be the point of participating in Delurking Week if you "delurked" outside of that week, eh?

I'll even include a lovely graphic

photo credit: Miwok. via photopin cc

Don't forget click on over and leave a comment! I'll take anything, that is unless you're going to tell me how incredibly awful I am in not-so-nice-language...

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