It's the Economía, Estúpido


A speech.

An Ad.

Un ado.

Separately, each means nothing more than a headline but together, we can see the tightrope Mitt Romney is walking as he tries to reach out to Latinos, the demographic juggernaut and emerging voting bloc that he’s losing by significant margins to President Obama. He's trying to reach them in campaign ads like this one by avoiding immigration but laser focusing on the economy and jobs.

Polls are tricky -- margins of error, what was the sampling spread, how did it ask a question? But surveys are useful for the nuggets of truth that start forming patterns.

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Does President Obama have the credibility to attack Romney on immigration given his own vulnerability on this front?

Viviana Hurtado

Founder/Blogger-in-Chief, The Wise Latina Club

T: @wiselatinaclub