It's a Good Week

It's a good week. A busy week. A stressful week. A non-over-eating and good-excercising week.  It's also been an "I'm gonna drink coffee in the afternoon week!".

It has been so good that I find myself thinking, "maybe I'll lose ALL five pounds this week and I'll meet that October goal."  I think to myself that I can hang on to this momentum for just a few more days and then it will all go back to normal.

Coughing.  Not quite.  If I continue on in this vein, I will hopefully lose one pound (maybe two).  Those are very small numbers.  And it's hard to even trust them because it's so easy to gain and lose pounds throughout the day based on the daily water retention thing.

But...I remember from before that if I just stick to the process and ride it out, after several weeks those piddly little ones and twos may become fours and fives.  Of course, who knows if I can pass up all the possible temptations, but so far this week, I've done okay.

I swam last Sunday afternoon - a mile - and afterwards was sore and oh-so-tired.  I also felt like it activated my entire torso/core area.  On Monday I went to the gym in the morning and to a yoga class in the afternoon.  The yoga class super activated my core and the next day I felt I could feel the spaces I had stretched between my ribs.  I continued on this week with Jillian, yoga, treadmill and running and plan to go to yoga again this evening.

It's a faster yoga with more movement than the kind I've gone to before.  I like the instructor's style and I definitely think the stretching is good for preventing the injuries I'm so inclined to get.

And I also think that the core excercises (stretching my arms with swimming and yoga and situps) really help stimulate my body.  When my body feels stimulated, it doesn't yearn to eat the same way.  When my body feels like an undefined blob, it loves to eat - it needs something to get it going.

So, I'm thankful for a good week and I'm hopeful for a good weekend with some exercise fit in.  I saw my stress go up this week with work and activities I was involved with and I switched out green tea for coffee in order to get more done in the afternoons, but I didn't switch out ME.



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