It's Here! THE HUNGER GAMES: The World IS Watching.

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"In just a few short hours, the eyes of all Panem shall turn to the Arena to watch glamorous Glimmer from District 1, tiny Rue from District 11, Katniss Everdeen, District 12's first volunteer in recent memory, and 21 other outstanding Tributes put on a "once-in-a-generation" display of spirit."

--Excerpt froma letter to "citizens" (really Hunger Games fans) from "President Snow" yesterday evening.

ARE YOU FREAKING OUT OR WHAT?! Happy Hunger Games, Internet! Oh, and you are abuzz already. Can I just marvel for a moment at your power to get the psychitude going? Let's review:

I hadn't read The Hunger Games until your rumble turned to a ROAR about the release of the movie. And then I started reading it, and I pretty much read the first book in a single naptime -- at least...I think she was sleeping...I can't be sure, I was pretty engrossed -- and now? NOW? Now I had to go and find a babysitter for tonight and convince my husband to brave the packed theater (which requires so much bribery) because HOLY CRAP INTERNET I DON'T THINK I CAN WAIT ANOTHER SECOND TO BE TRANSPORTED TO PANEM.

Image courtesy Lionsgate Films

Let us count the ways in which you are killing me. I'm a visual person, so Kristen Howerton's review really had me all drool-y.

Seeing the movie played out on screen brought so many details to life that I missed in the book. The scenery and costumes were really spectacular. They were both particularly effective in showing the contrast between District 12 and The Capitol. District 12 felt stark and cold, with the characters in clothing that were reminiscent of the Depression era. Once the action moved to The Capitol, though, the movie really was a feast for the eyes. The food, the clothing, the makeup . . . all of it was so over-the-top and so carefully detailed. It was like Lady Gaga puked over an entire city, and it was the perfect way to highlight the privilege and excess of The Capitol.

Oh MAN, I can't wait to see that. Shannon of Frothy Girlz gushed over the casting, my personal favorite part of book-to-blockbuster adaptations...

First and foremost, the film is impeccably cast. I was deeply disappointed when Lawrence was announced as Katniss. I adore her as an actress (Winter’s Bone), but I thought she was far too old to play 16. Thankfully, they did a wonderful job making her look young, but the rest is all Lawrence. She skillfully portrays Katniss as a frightened, but ultimately capable woman who steadfastly refuses to accept her crappy lot in life. She reluctantly plays the game when it comes to television appearances, but it’s a matter of self-preservation, at no time do you feel she has bought into her instant fame.

Although BlogHer's own Momo didn't exactly agree there...

It is rare when I see movies that I find more intriguing than the books on which they are based...Everything about The Hunger Games, absolutely everything, was exactly as I had pictured it to be. Well, except for one thing.


Look, Peeta is great and I’m totally Team Peeta, and I’m sure the actor who played him is a perfectly nice guy, but he is just too little for this role. It’s one thing to have a guy play a sensitive character as a star-crossed lover, but when he is sensitive, injured, and physically smaller than the girl he’s in love with? He comes off as a weakling.

Image courtesy Lionsgate

But it feels like the morning-after consensus is that director Gary Ross knocked it out of the park when it comes to delivering for fans of the book -- Shannon of Buzz Sugar was riveted:

From the moment we first meet Katniss, we're put into an emotional vise that never loosens its grip. To say the least, watching The Hunger Games is an intense experience. Even if you've read the books, the movie is still able to get you excited -- or stressed out -- about what's coming. Ross builds tension in scenes like the tributes' frenzied entrance into the arena, and your heart beats like crazy each time Katniss and her fellow tribute/love interest Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) are in trouble. The gore is minimal, but the violence isn't downplayed by any means. It goes without saying that it's tough to watch young men and women killing each other.

I can't wait. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait. Have you seen it yet? What are your Hunger Games plans? Will you be watching?


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