It's his party and I'll cry if I want to...

So I sent out the invitations 6 weeks in advance. Decided to only invite the boys to have more of a boys party and to watch costs. Others have done it so it seemed reasonable. Researched all the local 'kid friendly' places. Decided on a science centre with a great play area  as well. A bit further away from the usual haunts - true - but still only about 15 mins extra. I decided not to book the local hall and bouncy castle. Thank god I didn't because only 4 boys from school are coming! I much prefer the idea of a small playdate party anyway but the school my son attends does class / year parties. He would have been gutted to not have a party so we (despite being skint this month) have planned the blasted thing and no one is coming! He doesn't seem to be aware at this stage and at least I know in advance so I can invite a few more kids from karate and other friends..I think I'm up to 8 now but it still feels weak when I've booked a bloody room and the party package for 15!

I can't help taking it personally  - was last years party so shit that I've been snubbed by the mommies? Or are people just really that busy? six weeks in advance busy? I know I shouldn't make this about me but I can't help it.

But then I think give me a freckn break - I had one birthday party when I was growing up...not everybody had a party every wouldn't be crazy to skip a party right? I can't possibly keep up with the Kate Middletons over here...

Today after having to borrow money for the rest of the month I played with the idea of just calling the whole thing off and doing a playdate thing next month but I've already paid for the room and my son would be gutted because we've built it up. I hate bloody parenting decisions motivated by guilt.


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