It's an honest mistake, I guess?

My mother is out of town this weekend attending a “girls” weekend away where they stamp cards and talk about Sean Connery. So I thought, Hey this is the perfect time to talk about her!!  Because by the time she gets back, I will have written a couple more blog posts and this one will get buried and she’ll never see it!!”

Gosh – I just realized how clever I am.

My mother is not politically correct.  She doesn’t mean not to be. She just speaks before she really thinks about what she is getting ready to say. So for your reading enjoying, here are two things you should NOT do when faced with these scenerios.

1) If you are in the line at McDonald’s and you are trying to get a McDonald’s employee’s attention so you can ask to buy JUST the toys from the Happy Meal instead of buying the whole Happy Meal (true story) AND the employee looks like a really pretty version of PAT from the old SNL – Do not say “excuse me….Ma’am?……or…Sir?….um….Ma’am??”  (True story)

2) If the UPS man(who is African-American) comes to your door delivering a much anticipated package and you are super excited, don’t throw open the door and loudly exclaim “HEY MR. BROWN!!!!!” ( Because not all UPS delivery men will remember that commercial from a long time ago, about the men “dressed” in brown from UPS.And they may take your comment the wrong way.)

I love my mom. She is such a good source of amusement, and blog material. If I could put into words her story about how she and my dad were snort laughing in the grocery store checkout line over dad calling a small head of lettuce just an overgrown brussels sprout, I would.

But actually I just did, didn’t I. So there!

Ok – I have 2 days to do a couple blog posts so this one is covered up.  Any ideas on topics? HELP.


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