It's Isn't Easy Being Green

I'm jealous.   

There.  I said it. 

I'm so jealous my blue eyes are turning green!  What is it that is making me so very green with envy?

All those lucky bloggers headed to the BlogHer Conference in about six weeks. 

I can finally admit that every time I see a conference related post, either in blog form or on the "Chatter" board - I can feel the green eyed monster awaken and rear its ugly head.  It mutters to itself; "Ok.  We get it.  YOU get to go to the conference.  It's going to be so much fun.  So informative.  You are soooo lucky.  Blah, blah, blah". 

It's a simple case of sour grapes.  The money for a conference ticket, plane ticket, and hotel simply isn't in the budget.  It's my own fault - having quit my paying job in the spring to stay home, do some temp work, take charge of my home, and blog to my heart's content.   Now that I'm not working outside the home - I have time to travel to conferences, but not the cash.  Ah... cruel irony!!

Don't pity me.  (ok.. maybe pity me a little)  It's my thing.  I've just got to keep my chin up.  Move on.  Get over it. 

I just ask that the next time one of you fortunate attendees wants to gush about how excited you are to be going and how much fun it is going to be - remember that it's like salt in the wound to those of us not heading to New York. 

In the meantime... where did I put those big girl panties? 



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