It's like it never happened....

Have I ever deleted a comment?

Self-editing is my thing. Clearly.

I have deleted comments. I have deleted comments I have made. I have deleted comments other people have made about a status I wrote. I have deleted comments people have made when I think their intention may be misconstrued. I am a loving editor.

When I delete comments, I know that chances are someone has seen the comment before I was able to remove it. It made its way out there and then I either thought it was too "something" or it offended my delicate sensibilities.

I do not have any qualms about deleting comments. I once had someone make a comment on one of my blog postings and it was quite harsh. A bit insulting even. I left it up. I mean opinions are like......well we all know the saying.

I used to be FB friends, in the loosest connotation of the word "friend", with a gal. She was a rabid conservative, fervently religious, and prided herself as an historian of our Constitution. Her comments were very...what shall I call them????

 I guess inaccurately vicious with a pious Christian overtone that bordered on fanaticism.

Yes, that is pretty spot on.

Anyhow....I would get sucked into her vortex of shaming and name calling and one day I about spit on my computer I was so incensed with her rant....

BINGO! Light bulb moment......right click, UNFRIEND....left click, BLOCK.

Hello, not on my page lady.

I waited for a backlash. Nada.

It's all good, as my husband would say, it's just FB. And indeed it is just that.

I love Facebook. It is like my daily diary. I weed through the jibber jabber and take in what I want. I have discovered things about friends and family and acquaintances and others that have surprised me. I have also developed an enormous tolerance for political, social, moral and even educational differences that I have come to realize have almost no effect on how I feel about the people I am friends with.

My love is that big. And that good. And that accepting. I'm a lover. True story.

Someone who will read this will have a feeling that one or more of my vignettes have to do with them or a comment they made that I deleted. Could be.

No one who reads this will know the person I unfriended and blocked except for one person. Shoot me an affirmation Alison ok? hee hee....

I don't have a problem admitting that I edit for my own tastes and for my own reasons.

I stand behind my choices.

I know I can't un-ring a bell or un-see a written comment, but once I delete it from my feed....

It’s like it never happened.....

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