Its June! Join me for this month's challenge! A new...

I have been "patiently" waiting for June since... March?!  June means SUMMER, end of Kindergarten (tear, but yay), summer vacations, warm weather and just a great time of year!  June also marks my little's half birthday! I can't believe my "baby" is 3 and a half.  How did she end up almost four?!

family hike

We have been itching to get out and be active.  Last summer we were out and about every single weekend either biking, at the beach or being active in general.  Our schedules have been so crazy lately I feel like time is slipping through our fingers.  This weekend I just wanted to be home and doing whatever, no schedule!  We decided to go hiking with the girls.  Last year this wasn't an option as the youngest couldn't walk two blocks without needing someone to pick her up.  We are so lucky to have amazing surroundings.  There is miles and miles of super nice trails in our back yard.  Not just boring trails either!  Full of hills, wildlife, a waterfall, several lakes and parks.  Never did I expect them to do as well as they did, over three miles! Say what?!  It was such a good time and exactly what we needed!

family hike

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