It's Just About...Me: The Life Blogger Beyond Labels

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We may be single, or child (but definitely not family) free. We can be foodies, politicos or photographers, or any of these, depending. One thing is for sure: we find ourselves uncategorizable, outside of what’s often considered the norm in today’s blogging world. We may know what it's like to hesitate when asked "So, what do you blog about?" We're not often sponsored by Names You Know and may not have the following that writers with more defined niches have. What does it all mean for those writers who write about . . . themselves?


Join Stacy, Kris, Kristen and Laurie to discuss writing our stories as personal bloggers. Just because it's a lot about us, who else and what are we writing for - and about? Can life bloggers without labels be successful in the blogosphere and find a community in which we can thrive?  Where are we heading? And what will be our legacy as personal bloggers? Join us to discuss what it means to be a personal blogger without a defined niche in the current online world and to meet others, like you, who are passionate about writing beyond the box.


Anastacia Campbell, JurgenNation

Kris, NotYetAWino

Kristabella, FullofSnark

Laurie White, LaurieWrites