It's Just an Illusion

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I recently discovered my teen has no imagination!


I am devastated!


Having grown up where television actually "went off" at a certain hour, there were many nights when all we had was our imaginations!


I can recall it being about 11pm, we would wrestle into pajamas and brush our teeth so when Mystery Theatre came on the radio, we could give it our FULL attention.


Maybe I am putting too much into this, maybe he has imagination - but it is just "different" now, or maybe he really needs to be given a course on letting his mind run wild!


This all started when he asked me what an imaginary friend was! I began to explain and his gaze became deeper and deeper as he struggled with the concept. Finally I exclaimed, "Like a video game, but in your head"!


It was all he could wrap his brain around. Mind you he had toys, but he never "played" like I did as  a child.


Maybe he's more analytical? If I were to implement some imagination into this teen's world, where would I begin, acting class? He had performing arts camp as a kid. Should I just leave him in his unimaginable world??



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