It's a miracle, I didn't know I HAD muscles there!

I have managed, with a skill previously unknown, to pull a muscle. In my bottom. Yes it twinges when I walk but every twinge is proof of the miraculous.

I didn't know I HAD a muscle in my butt cheeks. (Yeah, nice topic for general discussion there, I'm a classy woman.)

I know we're SUPPOSED to have muscles there. I know I USED to have muscles there, actually anywhere. I just didn't know I STILL had muscles. It is truly a modern miracle.

I discovered this on the way to the kitchen this morning. I thought I'd have a go at baking since we'd bought so much baking stuff last weekend. Read more ...

(First posted in A Life Not Quite Perplexed, 4th March 2011. © Penbleth / L McG-E.  All rights reserved.)

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