It's My Blog...I'll Post If I Want To!

I haven't been doing the "Blogging Thing" very long...or very often and I'll tell you why. I think I am letting what other people will think of my topics keep me from sharing. Does that make sense? I mean...I come up with a topic that I want to talk about...and then I worry that someone will take it the wrong way or get mad about what was said. Therefore....I am letting that all censor me!  <!--break-->

If you are a blogger and have been doing it for a long do you decide what to blog about and what NOT to blog about? Do you have subjects that are OFF LIMITS? Do you censor what you DO say on certain things? I guess I am just trying to figure it out. I know that not every topic is worthy of blogging. And there are limits and that your blog should not just be a place to air dirty laundry. you can tell from the title of my life is crazy!!! And sometimes things happen that I want to blog about just to share the experience with people who might have already experienced the same thing. Or share it as a learning experience for those who might experience it in the future. But I find myself NOT sharing because of how I THINK others will react.


I guess I am just asking for advice on how YOU deal with making your blog YOUR blog and not letting other people dictate what you write about! Any and all feedback will be appreciated!!!



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