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Over the years, I've heard lots of people talk about their blogging voice.  People talk about how important it is to perfect your voice and find the blogging niche you belong in. 


And like many of you, when I read posts like this, it used to stress me out a little.  Cause if you want me to be honest, I want to succeed {whatever that means} at blogging.  I like the little bit of money this blog brings in for me, I love the connections and friendships I've made.  And I really hate for people to think badly of me. So I was constantly stresses over whether or not my voice in the blog world was defined enough.  Am I too all over the map with what I blog about?  Have I found my niche?  Do I need to be more focused in my writing?  Do people not like certain posts I write?


But yesterday I realized I don't care


I don't care that my voice isn't really defined.  I don't care that I blog about all kinds of things.  I don't care that I haven't found one little niche to call my own.


Because me, Mandy, I'm not just one thing.  Now that I'm a mom I don't just talk about my kids all the time.  I love lots of different things, and sharing my experiences on all of them.


I'm a mom

a girl mom

a former teacher

a deployment survivor

a Marine Corps wife

a cop wife

a friend

the biggest Giants fan you'll ever meet

a fitness enthusiast

a crafter

a home decorator {just my home, no one elses}.

I'm honest

sometimes, though rarely, funny

and yes I like to post OOTD photos

These days I tend to talk about grief, a lot

and how living through a deployment with my man changed our lives.

Sometimes I get political,

but only when it really means a lot.

I recap our vacations and holidays

but never my kids monthly milestones.

Yes I do product reviews and sponsored posts, and I don't see that stopping any time soon.


I blog it all.


Some people may see this and say "well you're a lifestyle blogger then".  But I disagree.  This isn't a lifestyle blog.  It's a my life blog.  And I'll finally stop worrying about what I should be writing about, and just focus on what I want to write about.


In real life I realized that the friends who don't accept me for who I am aren't worth my time, and the same goes for the blog world.

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