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You know that "run around, hurry up, gotta get it done yesterday" routine that we all do when we have company coming? (Maybe that's just me..., anyway....) 

Well, we did that a couple of weeks ago before our guests arrived, and the tricky part was that the kiddos didn't know that company was coming. It was a BIG surprise for them.

So, we did our Saturday chore list on that Friday, and they weren't too pleased with me since it was Friday and NOT Saturday. They were pretty sure I'd lost my mind. But the house wasn't a wreck by any definition, so the few chores we had really weren't that much to do. And the house was indeed 'company ready' when the company arrived. Grandparents and Great-Grandma all arrived in good time, and surprised the heck out of the kiddos. It was a hoot!

Gram & PawPaw are used to just joining in to life with us, for the most part. Since they live so far away, they like to just do the things that we do (ball practice, library visits, Dairy Queen runs, etc.) and we usually try to do a few new things while they are here too. But for the most part, they fall in line with our normal life activities. This time was a bit different since we had Mimi here too, but with them here for 10 days, a lot of just normal things had to happen while they were here. I would say our guests didn't expect to be entertained so much as to just participate with us in the things that we would normally do. 

Over the course of the visit, the house got more and more, shall we say, 'lived in'.

The once-clear coffee table became the landing pad for the new Helicopter Kites that the grandparents brought for the kiddos, and the new pants that need hemming.

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Who decides what's normal, anyway? It's OK to be WEIRD!


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