It's Not About the Weiner, Weiner!

Anthony Weiner by TonytheMisfitKristen Schaal said it best on The Daily Show when she said,

"Men have to realize that their penis has far more power over them than it does over us."


So I'm finding it interesting that almost all (with one exception so far that I've found) the bloggers/journalists that are defending Anthony Weiner are men.  And they'll say that they're not exactly defending him, but just saying that it's not as big a deal as it's being made out to be. "We've seen worse (true); he didn't do anything illegal (also true); it's private between him and his wife"... well... not exactly.

I'll agree with that only as far as the penis goes.

I think they're all missing the point.

Do I care if he's an arrogant asshole? No, we knew that way in advance of the penis pics. Is it my business if he treats his wife so poorly? Well, you'd think not, but...

It most certainly is.

In his press conference Mr. Weiner said, "I have ... hurt the people I care about the most..."

Now you've got to think that he might have been able to figure out that should his wife (and others, parents?) become aware of his behavior, it would hurt them. But he did it anyway.  He had to know it would become a huge public scandal should one of those photos go astray; he knew there was a group monitoring his twitter feed. But he did it anyway. 

Why is between him and his therapist.  But the point is HE DID IT ANYWAY. So you have to assume he did it because he wanted to, because it 'worked' for him in some way. Nobody was holding a gun to his head (or any other part).

So my question is:

If Anthony Weiner is willing to engage in behavior that is clearly detrimental to those he loves the MOST, what would make me believe that as a constituent he would put my interests over his own self-interest?I'm fairly certain he doesn't love me as much as he thinks he loves his wife.

The next time someone offers a deal that might further his career but isn't necessarily in line with that is best for his district, which way do you think he's going to go? The next time he can trade a vote for a committee chairmanship, you think he's going to vote to benefit his district or go for what 'works' for him?

Sure, he'll justify it by saying 'I can do more good as the head of this committee than the good I could do with that vote' but the result is the same as with his wife - he's doing what works for him, regardless of who gets hurt.

So, Anthony Weiner needs to resign. We cannot trust him to put the interests of his constituents over his own self-interest, and that is at least the minimum standard we should set for our politicians. 

And Lord knows, we need to set some standards, for it's clear so many of them apparently have none.

Jenn White


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