"It's not really Paleo"

I slept well.  I woke up ready for coffee, but overall I felt okay.  Then, I read the "timeline" that goes with the Whole30 challenge.  It says that days two, three, four can be rather miserable as stuff works its way out of your system.  Hmmm.  Not so keen on that, nor the whines and fall-aparts from the kids, but I imagine it can't be worse than the constant colds and congestion and crabbiness we've been dealing with.  The best days where you feel the positive change in energy aren't till the start of the third week.  

I went downstairs with the kids trailing behind me requesting those cinnamon pumpkin pancakes again.  For lunch we had pesto with eggs, baked carrots with dates and leftover butternut squash.  I was pretty sure the green scrambled eggs were not going to be a hit, but my kids loved them.  They loved everything.  And I loved having fun pointing out all the great colors that we were eating.

The thing that appeals to the kids is probably the coconut oil and salt that has laced most of our meals.  It certainly appeals to me too.

I read a blog from some guy "in the know" about this paleo eating and he said two things that resonated with me:

1.  Don't listen to your body to make the right choices.  Your body tells you all sorts of things like when you are three days into a non-smoking program, to take a smoke or into a no drinking thing, to take a drink.  Listen to your brain.  His words reminded me of the smiling sweet nutritionists that give such advice about listening to my body and about eating like a child because children know when to stop.  My body doesn't.  My daugter's body doesn't - at least with non real foods.  With pancakes filled with flour, my daughter eats till she's fit to burst.  With these pumpkin pancakes made from pumpkin and eggs, she ate a nice amount and was then done.  So, I'll stick with this month long experiment with integrity and assess how I feel at the end.

2.  The transition away from carbs is often easier with higher fat content foods until your body figures out the different ways it is recieving energy.  I'm willing to go with that.  My body has to figure out how to create energy with what I'm feeding it.  All those pizza slices and tortillas and beers probably sent it a lot of mixed messages.  I guess some folks experience lethargy and fogginess once they eliminate the pastas and grains.  Heck - I experienced them WITH those things.  This should be a nice break.  For my husband, it might be a different story since he doesn't have my issues.

But this is the thing that irked me this morning....

Someone told me that the pumpkin pancakes we had were not "paleo compliant" because they were an attempt to turn whole foods into mainstream foods.  Oh sighing.  It's this kind of rigidity and intensity to "The Cause" that tires me out.  Of course my pumpkin pancakes were paleo compliant.  They consisted only of eggs, pumpkin, and spices.  They were called a pancake because I cooked them on a frying pan with coconut oil in round dollups.   They were not an attempt to replicate Reeses Cups using real foods and secret sources of sugar.

And it's exactly that "Cause" - that bandwagon of "Paleo" that I don't want to be on.  I'm not signing on to live a life of extremeness.  I'm just trying to eat healthy whole foods in a way that's not quite in accordance with the years of information I've heard from books and magazines and television.

I have to say that I love the cookbooks I have.  The photos are gorgeous and the foods are real foods that require cutting and chopping and stirring.  They include spices and flavors that I like and they rather inspire me to want to make a healthy meal.  And, they're easy and they don't demand that I have a full plate representing each food group.  I'm not dieting nor following a program. I'm not preaching Paleo to my neighors or friends as The Solution.  I'm trying to eat whole foods that work well in my body and testing out what it's like to avoid one's that maybe cause more strife than I realize.

And I love that today I don't feel bloated or blechy.  I certainly don't feel great and my head and throat feeling like I've got a cold and I got annoyed when my daughter was behaving like her age (in the middle of the street), but overall I feel content inside my body and I'm just not craving or yearning for anything.  Hee - good thing because there's NOTHING in our darn kitchen that could lead me astray.

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