It's Not the Size of the Behind, It's a State of Mind

What makes women beautiful?

I hope when you think of beauty, you think of women who are not only physically attractive (there are PLENTY of those women out there), but women who have substance to their heart.

Then again- what do we consider physically beautiful? Society has taught us that if we are thin, we are happy. We have been taught by advertisements, magazines, movies, and everywhere we turn that if you are a size 0-2 you can have any man you want, anything you want in life, and you will be much happier. This couldn’t be farther than that truth. Actually, the truth is… those who succumb to letting their happiness be dictated by how much they weigh or what size clothes they wear are missing out on true happiness.

Here are a couple tips to be HAPPY and HEALTHY

1. Work it Out

When stress comes into your life (hey, life happens!), simply lace up those running shoes and get your work out on. Not only will you release the negative feelings inside, but once you get your endorphins pumping you will clear your mind and feel better immediately.

2. Strut your Stuff. 

Walking with confidence will make you FEEL like you can accomplish ANYTHING… and then you will! Hold your head high and be proud to be exactly who you are. This will radiate and be clear to people you cross paths with. Plus, people love to be around others who are happy.

3. Always Forgive. 

Yourself… especially. Holding onto negative energy in your heart is like drinking poison. When you mess up and have a bad day (whether you ate too much, or didn’t get your work out in)… get over it and move on. Learn from your mistakes and what caused you to get off path. Then, remind yourself why you make the healthy choices you do each day. Positive affirmations are a good way to make this clear in your mind.

4. Smile and the world smiles with you.

The more happiness you bring to others, the more you will feel in your heart. Do something each day to make someone smile. It’s food for the soul.

5. It’s not the Size of the Behind… It’s a State of Mind. 

Do not let your weight or size of clothes determine your happiness. Instead, love your imperfections… embrace them…. and remember your beauty intensifies once your heart does.

Beauty starts in the mind. Once you learn to fall in love with yourself… so will everyone else.

Jamie Len Cumbo

"Healthy living from the inside out"


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