It's OK to Be an Okay Mom

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I have always wanted the best for my sons: the best toys, the best technology, the best education. It makes sense then that I want them to have the best mom -- which, so often, I feel isn't me. That's because I get caught up in the best being perfect; I forget there are lessons to learn in mistakes, even mine. Kristen at We Are That Family recently went on a retreat and wrote a great post celebrating being an okay mom. I kind of want to hug her.

She shares this gem with us:

I want to whisper an important truth in your ear. You need to hear this today. More importantly, you need to believe it:

it’s okay to be an okay mom.

Some days I’m an awesome mother–I mean knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark–kind of awesome. But that’s not the norm. I have really bad days where I hide in the bathroom and change all the clocks so everyone goes to bed an hour early. Just kidding, but I’ve seriously considered it. So, if you add the really great days with the really not-so-hot ones, they equal okay. And that’s well, okay.

My kids don’t need perfection, they are actually learning all the things I so desperately long to teach them because of my inadequacy.

Credit: conchur.

The truth in those words, and in the rest of her post, is one you might need to read today. Maybe it was a rough start or a long afternoon or a series of bad days -- or weeks. Read Kristen's post and be okay with being okay.


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