It's Okay Not To Be Perfect


Our son has been on a major Angry Birds obsession for the last six months, so when we found these awesome noise-making Angry Birds plushies on sale at Amazon for around $4-$6 each, it seemed only fitting that the birds would need some appropriately-sized accessories to knock down when our son received them on Christmas Day. 

Since we ordered the plushies in November, I figured I'd have plenty of time to make some supremely cool blocks, TNT boxes, etc before Christmas. I envisaged covering a selection of our cardboard recycling cartons (cereal, soda, delivery boxes, etc) in appropriately patterned paper and painting detailed designs on them. 

However, as is so often the case, life got in the way, and by 10pm on Christmas Eve my husband and I found ourselves placing the last of the presents under the tree while six Angry Birds characters watched us forlornly from their hiding place atop of the bookshelf. At that point, the stores were all closed, I had little-to-no craft supplies in the house, and it was looking increasingly like our furry friends were going to be seeing in Christmas morning sans accessoires.

As I looked at the cardboard boxes I had initially set aside for the project, it suddenly struck me that the interior card color of the various food and drink boxes was pretty close to the wooden block colors in the game. In a rare moment of brilliance, I realized that if I opened up the flaps on all the boxes and laid them out flat with the glossy colored sides facing up, they could just be re-folded so the boxes were now 'inside out'. I then taped the sides together across the tabs and, with the help of a handy black Sharpie, sketched on some rough (very rough!) approximations of Angry Birds blocks and accessories. And so, with less than an hour before midnight, the child-size Angry Birds game was complete.

Was it what I envisaged back in November? Nope. Do I still look at it now and see things I could have done differently/better? Sure. However, I also see that I completed a project that I set myself (no matter how close to the deadline I came!) and, more importantly, I saw and heard my son's excitement when he came downstairs that Christmas morning and realized that he could BE part of his Angry Birds game. That, coupled with the fact that, nearly one month later, this is undoubtedly the Christmas present he has played (and is still playing) with the most, proves to me that, even though the execution of the idea wasn't perfect, the outcome was. 

All too often we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, pushed on by the immaculate images we see on TV, online, and all around us. Sometimes we just need to stop, take a step back, and realize that it's okay not to be perfect. The people around us - the ones who matter - love us for who we are and what we try to do, regardless of whether or not we succeed.  



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