It's Okay To Think Before You Speak

This post is completely random but it's been on my mind so I'm writing about it. Here I go.

Do the words that are coming out of my mouth, hinder, hurt or contribute in a positive way. I'm not talking about normal conversation. I'm not talking about joking around with your friends. Everyone is different. Every situation is different. You have to learn how to gauge the flow of a conversation, as you live and learn through life.

All I'm saying is that when you're speaking to someone just think, for a second before you let the words fly. I'm not talking about sugar-coating what you have to say. Or not speaking the truth, when the truth needs to be spoken. But just speaking for the sake of speaking. Or speaking to get a reaction. Or speaking to bring attention to yourself, whether you are conscious of this or not. It's really not okay.

Does your question, answer, or observation have a point? Is it something that really needs to be out in the universe? Is someone getting hurt or feeling bad about themselves really worth it?

Example from a long time ago, that I obviously think about from time to time. It doesn't bother me anymore, but when I think about the pointless things that people spew out of their mouths, this often comes to mind.

"Your nose is weird. It's like someone took a normal nose and squished it."

Really? I had nothing to say back then. Now I would just ask them, "what the point of their statement is". Or my latest thing is to not answer or just leave the room. If I do answer it's not going to be nice or productive, so saying nothing is often better for me and my karma. I do have to work on my stink-eye, though. You all know that looks can often speak more than words.

Pointless statements/questions are like asking someone:

  • Why water is wet?
  • Why does rain fall from the sky, instead of up from the ground?
  • Why is the earth round?

I have no idea, because I had no hand in the creation of it. Just like I had no hand in why my nose is shaped the way it is.

That's it. My mind is clear and I can move on with the rest of my day.

What do you do when people say unbelievable or just plain stupid things to you?

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Till next time,



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